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T r a c y  H a r p e r  A b s t r a c t  A r t is t

  Title: Conjure, What do you want to happen? Available


Commissioned painting 

'My unique statement paintings promise to bring you joy in the day and create mesmerising effects under lighting in the evenings.'

Title_ Monkey Mind (12) Tracy Harper_edited.jpg

 'gorgeous textures and small details, must be seen in real life'

Let's see how  my paintings complement your space.

If your location is in the UK, I can come to you with my paintings, and we can try them in your situation before buying. There will be no obligation to purchase. These paintings are large and unique, and  I want to achieve a huge wow factor for you.

Date to be arranged.

Studio Visit
You are very welcome to come and visit me in my studio!


I appreciate you viewing my website,

if you are interested in any of my paintings, please contact me, and we can chat soon!

Tracy x

I paint large abstract paintings, exploring our thoughts, emotions and behaviours. Why do I paint a visual imagery of what is 'in' me and not what I see 'around' me?



I'm fascinated by the human mind and the practice of self-inquiry. I feel it is vital that we practice being aware of ourselves and our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours; this act alone would substantially positively impact our world and its inhabitants.



Words by the Buddhist monk Robina Courtin, 

"We spend our lives being seduced by the outside world, believing that happiness and suffering come from 'out there'. In reality, they come from the way we perceive and interpret things not the things themselves. This deeply held misconception is at the root of our dissatisfaction, self doubt, anger, depression, anxiety, etc. But our minds can change. By becoming deeply familiar with the workings of our cognitive processes through introspection and learning to deconstruct them, truly, being our own therapists, we can loosen the grip of these neuroses and grow our marvellous potential for contentment, clarity, and courage, which are at the core of our being".  

Robina Courtin

My challenge is to capture in paint the incredible complexity and wonder that exists within each of us. I explore how to portray the magic and mystery of our invisible inner worlds.




Monkey Mayhem
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